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La Liga

UEFA Europa League

Intalian Serie A


French Ligue 1

Coca-Cola Championship

Premier League

UEFA Champions League

English League

Sunderland vs. Swansea

Southampton vs. Chelsea

Tottenham vs. Newcastle

West Bromwich vs. West Ham

West Ham vs. Sunderland

Crystal Palace vs. Sunderland

Stoke vs. Queen's Park

Highbury vs. Sunderland

West Ham vs. Highbury

Newcastle vs. Tottenham

Leicester vs. Liverpool

Highbury vs. Crystal Palace

Highbury vs. Hull

Chelsea vs. Sunderland

Burnley vs. Stoke

City vs. West Bromwich

Queen's Park vs. Manchester

Aston vs. West Bromwich

Queen's Park vs. Swansea

Everton vs. Burnley

Aston vs. Stoke

Highbury vs. Stoke

Hull vs. West Bromwich

City vs. Crystal Palace

Stoke vs. West Ham

Euro League

Czech Republic vs. Portugal

Italy vs. Spain

Slovakia vs. Germany

France vs. Portugal

France vs. Switzerland

Portugal vs. Switzerland

Spain vs. Ireland

Romania vs. Poland

Wales vs. Germany

Croatia vs. Portugal

Czech Republic vs. Sweden

Czech Republic vs. Denmark

Wales vs. Ireland

Croatia vs. Germany

Belgium vs. Netherlands

Spain vs. Denmark

Italy vs. Denmark

Germany vs. Spain

Spain vs. Serbia

Romania vs. Portugal

Wales vs. Switzerland

Slovakia vs. Portugal

Ireland vs. Netherlands

Slovakia vs. Denmark

Euro Club

Dortmund vs. City

Valencia vs. Dortmund

Tottenham vs. Naples

Porto vs. Milan

Madrid Reds vs. Munich

Rome vs. Madrid Reds

Barcelona vs. Naples

Naples vs. Highbury

Manchester vs. Munich

Valencia vs. City

Amsterdam vs. Barcelona

Madrid Reds vs. Porto

Madrid Reds vs. Munich

Munich vs. Dortmund

Madrid Reds vs. Amsterdam

Liverpool vs. Milan Blues

Tottenham vs. Barcelona

Barcelona vs. Madrid Reds

Real vs. Valencia

Turin vs. Dortmund

Porto vs. Milan

Munich vs. Porto

Liverpool vs. Amsterdam

Porto vs. Tottenham

Barcelona vs. Munich


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